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  1. Look here

    30 Sep 2019

    Look Here, Los Angeles, 2018 I’m fighting the impulse that people–a vast majority of people by my humble reckoning–are not capable of deciding what is in their best interest.  Maybe my attitude is a product of the twenty-four-hour-cable-news-cycle-pandemic that’s currently infecting anyone with the remotest interest in current events.  It’s…

  2. Gleaming the cube

    05 Sep 2019

    Gleaming the cube, Los Angeles 2019 I fell in love with the works of Ai WeiWei over the course of last year.  I was late to the party–something that my friend Tim was more than eager to point out.  I hadn’t seen Disposition and when I saw Forever, photographing both…

  3. Now, where were we?

    28 Aug 2019

    A moment of Reflection, Los Angeles 2018 I’ve been away too long.  I have written or processed any work in what feels like forever.  Well that’s about to change.  For my birthday my lovely wife processed out 25 or so of my medium format rolls and I spent the better…

  4. Gentle monster

    31 Jul 2018

    Gentle Monster close, Los Angeles  2017 Gentle Monster far, Los Angeles  2017 On the day that I made these images, I remember thinking that I had never experienced a sun shining so bright–nor, for that matter, had I ever seen concrete reflect as much lights as Broadway was currently endeavoring…

  5. Deafening silence

    27 Jun 2018

    “Deafening Silence” Malibu 2018 It’s quiet where I am.  It’s so quiet that the noises outside are monstrously loud even though there’s nothing new or unexpected about them.  It’s the same motorbikes and traffic and barking dogs and car alarms I hear every day, but the house is oh so…

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