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  1. What it’s all about

    22 Oct 2017

    “What it’s all about” You put your left foot inYou take your left foot outYou put your left foot inAnd you shake it all aboutYou do the hokey pokeyAnd you turn yourself aroundThat’s what it’s all about I really have no idea what this guy was doing.  I’m guessing he…

  2. This is my girl

    21 Oct 2017

    “This is my girl” No need for a long diatribe tonight.  This is my girl, Anna Maria.  I made this picture a couple weeks ago when we went to the beach right around sunset.  She was running around like she’s want to do, taking pictures of all things beach.  For just…

  3. One by one

    20 Oct 2017

    “One by one” The story behind this image is more anecdotal than anything but at the same time a testament to how sheep-like we humans can be at times–or at least how sheep like I can be at times.   I had just walked out of the LA/LA exhibit at LACMA in a pretty good mood.  The…

  4. Crash

    19 Oct 2017

    “Crash” I made this image one Sunday at the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market.  We had stopped at the library to get a couple books for Ester and then walked over, thinking to score some seasonal produce–in particular peaches and nectarines which are just crazy good this time of year.  The best part…

  5. What the fuck?!?

    16 Oct 2017

    “What the fuck?!?” I was walking the Huntington Beach Pier with AM and the kids when I made this image.  The surfer in the picture was doing a run when all of a sudden it was almost like he was yanked back by some invisible force.  He started screaming at the pier and shaking…

  6. The boy in the bubble and other nearest misses

    15 Oct 2017

    “The boy in the bubble” “Man behind the camera” “Rockabillies and Cokes” “Focus” “End of the rail” “From above” After yesterdays seriousness, I wanted to go the opposite way today.  When I first started shooting those first 10,000 pictures that were supposed to be my worst and which preceded the next 10,000 which were…

  7. Estranged

    14 Oct 2017

    “Estranged” I don’t know how long they had been drifting apart.  It could have started last week or last year or last time they really talked.  But it had happened at some point and all that really matters is that it would have happened no matter what they did.  I…

  8. Arrivals

    11 Oct 2017

    “Arrivals” I’ve been out in Palmdale and Lancaster shooting for work and I haven’t had a chance to post for a couple days.  I’ve missed it actually.  There’s something therapeutic about trying to write a few words every day about the real work you make in your life–the passions you…

  9. Sleepers | Powernap

    06 Oct 2017

    While we were in Vegas in July for a short two-day vacation, we stayed at the Bellagio.  I booked everything through Am-Ex travel so the I could get the standard set of upgrades through my particular card.  We drove there from LA with the puppies who we were boarding near the…

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