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  1. Alternative realities

    10 Oct 2019

    Alternative Realities, LA, 2018 I think communication has been hacked…   Not all communication of course, but masses of it, especially when it comes to what is actually happening in the world.  I’m not talking about Russian Facebook ads or the 2016 election hacking, I’m talking about the root of the…

  2. Muse-ums

    17 Sep 2019

    Muse-ums, LA 2018 There’s a quick simple story behind this image that I rather like.  I made this image during a trip to the Marciano to see Yayoi Kusama’s ”with all my love for the tulips, I pray forever.”   We were just about to leave the exhibit after having shot…

  3. Black+White

    10 Sep 2019

    Black+White, Los Angeles 2019 I read an interesting article about the Society of Political Psychologists’ annual meeting where one presenter delivered a paper predicting that over the course of the next few decades that the number of real, western-style democracies will shrink until only a few small hold-outs remain, but…

  4. Gentle monster

    31 Jul 2018

    Gentle Monster close, Los Angeles  2017 Gentle Monster far, Los Angeles  2017 On the day that I made these images, I remember thinking that I had never experienced a sun shining so bright–nor, for that matter, had I ever seen concrete reflect as much lights as Broadway was currently endeavoring…

  5. Deafening silence

    27 Jun 2018

    “Deafening Silence” Malibu 2018 It’s quiet where I am.  It’s so quiet that the noises outside are monstrously loud even though there’s nothing new or unexpected about them.  It’s the same motorbikes and traffic and barking dogs and car alarms I hear every day, but the house is oh so…

  6. The Reader

    29 Dec 2017

    “The Reader” Manhattan Beach 2017 The facet of film photography that hooked me was the aspect of full commitment.  By full commitment I’m referring to all aspects of photography that a digital shooter will waste time checking or changing or adjusting rather than shooting and trusting their instincts.  When I…

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