The process

When I saw this wall of sketches by Jesper Waldersten at Fotografiska in Stockholm I was completely in awe of the dedication it takes to ones art to make sketch after sketch after sketch, searching desperately for that spark—for that connection to a feeling that goes as quickly as it comes. Even more incredible was that in creating these iterations, Walderstens’ process transcended it’s individual content and in my mind actually became the art—at least for me, no single sketch was the focus. The derivative of the combined hours spent toiling over paper searching for the allusive thread tying the vision together become the manic center of it all. The process becomes the art when you see it in It’s entirety. It though of all my sheets of negative in binders and how a wall of them printed would look. Before the moment lapsed I made this image to remind me of that the process can be both the journey and the result—that the derivative matters and that the hours count.

The process, Sthlm 2019

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