And to all a good night

Happy holidays to you.  I may not have sent you a text or an email or a card, but I if you’re reading this, I truly hope you have a lovely holiday and a peaceful end to 2017.  I sincerely hope it’s filled with good food, good friends and loving family.  I hope that the ham is juicy, the meatballs are round and plentiful and that you discover a super-secret, thrid-tier to your Aladdin chocolate box. 

People need to be with other people and especially during the holidays so everybody find your Del Griffith–or if you’re the Del, find your Neil.  Find someone to keep you warm in a way that matters to you and matters to them.    Be a little less angry.  Be a little less frustrated.  Be a little less jaded.  Love a bit more if you can.  Help a bit more if you can.  

Tis the season after all and if there ever was a point in history where we needed to be genuinely good, loving human beings, it’s right now.     

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