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  1. My love, my life

    24 Feb 2020

    My love my life, Los Angeles 2019 Valentine’s Day has come and gone and while I write about a lot of different subjects here I rarely, if ever mention how much my wife means to me. Anna Maria and I have been connected at the hip since 1998. Those 20…

  2. Relax

    18 Feb 2020

    Relax, Los Angeles 2019 When I still lived in Sweden, this was always the worst time of the year.  Christmas had come and gone.  New Years had come and gone.  It was neither winter nor spring.  It would snow and then the temperature would rise and the snow would melt…

  3. 50

    08 Nov 2017

    “Home” I shot at 50mm for two years.  It was the only M mount lens I owned so it was the only lens that mattered.  During those two years I learned to shuffle my feet, to duck and tippy-toe and bow and every other strange contortion you can make to…

  4. At the end of the day

    03 Nov 2017

    “Trifecta” “Smoke shop” “Ladder” “Curious boys” “Bike your walk” I love the sunsets here in Santa Monica and I don’t get out as often as I wish to shoot in that glorious light.  During the summer it’s a bit easier since sunset comes just late enough that I can make…

  5. This is my girl

    21 Oct 2017

    “This is my girl” No need for a long diatribe tonight.  This is my girl, Anna Maria.  I made this picture a couple weeks ago when we went to the beach right around sunset.  She was running around like she’s want to do, taking pictures of all things beach.  For…

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