My love, my life

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and while I write about a lot of different subjects here I rarely, if ever mention how much my wife means to me. Anna Maria and I have been connected at the hip since 1998.

Those 20 years have been anything but easy.  During that time I’ve made mistakes that have made her feel horrible.  I’ve worked way too hard at the wrong things and worked way too little on the right things.  I’ve suffered from all the psychosomatic bullshit male ego can inflict upon a person and I’ve not always dealt with it in a way that I’m proud of.  I’ve spent too much time at work, I’ve bought too much crap, I drank too much, I ate too much, I got too lazy and too mad at the world.    

But she loves me and she’s stuck with me through all the years and all of my idiosyncratic insanity.  Because I’ve done the same.  

Her impossibly stubborn behavior can take the simplest of situations and turn it into a three-ring-shit-show-circus.  She’s easily distracted, quick to anger and ever so set in her antiquated ways.  She hates technology in a way that is beyond anything I have ever seen and her ability to waste time is literally legendary.  She could sleep a while day away.  Possibly the most offensive, she systematically steals all of the covers every night we go to bed–rolling up in them like a 1200-thread-count-cotton-and-duvet-burrito.

But I love her and I’m stuck with her and I can’t imagine my life without her.  She is my love and she is my life.  She is my parter and my friend, my lover and my fighter and I feel so incredibly blessed to go through time with her.  For every bad time we’ve had a hundred good ones.  For every fight we’ve made-out like horny teenagers in the shower a hundred times.  For every word we’ve yelled at each other we’ve whispered “I love you” a hundred times… just before she rolls over and steals all the fucking covers.  

I love you so my baby and here’s to twenty more years.

Shot on my now failing LeicaM7 on Kodak Tri-X film, push-processed at the Icon film lab here in Los Angeles, Cal-i-forn-i-a. 

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