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  1. Size matters

    16 Jul 2018

    “Size Matters” Los Angeles 2018 This will be a simple, cheery post for a weekend that has over-flowed with a wide-variety of naps.  I’ve taken quick naps, long naps and medium-length naps.  I’ve had naps on the couch, naps on my bed and even a nap on the floor.  I…

  2. Twinning

    31 Oct 2017

    “Twinning” Here’s another attempt at seeing what’s happening around me instead of looking for the image I’m expecting to make.  I walked into the LACMA book store right after the guy in the picture.  Anna Maria and the kids were already wondering around inside looking at books and posters and…

  3. Head shrinking

    24 Oct 2017

    “Head shrinking” I’ve been trying to see things differently.  I’m trying to really look at what’s happening around me and to not see what I’m expecting to see.  I feel like I’m missing things, important things that are worthy of finding and exploring are happening and it’s not for want…

  4. Grumpy old men

    23 Oct 2017

    “Grumpy old men” I followed the gentleman in the photograph for a while.  I liked his suit and bald head and didn’t quite understand the bag, but then again I didn’t really need to.  I found him interesting and I thought he will make an interesting subject in what I…

  5. What it’s all about

    22 Oct 2017

    “What it’s all about” You put your left foot inYou take your left foot outYou put your left foot inAnd you shake it all aboutYou do the hokey pokeyAnd you turn yourself aroundThat’s what it’s all about I really have no idea what this guy was doing.  I’m guessing he…

  6. One by one

    20 Oct 2017

    “One by one” The story behind this image is more anecdotal than anything but at the same time a testament to how sheep-like we humans can be at times–or at least how sheep like I can be at times.   I had just walked out of the LA/LA exhibit at LACMA…

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