Size matters

This will be a simple, cheery post for a weekend that has over-flowed with a wide-variety of naps.  I’ve taken quick naps, long naps and medium-length naps.  I’ve had naps on the couch, naps on my bed and even a nap on the floor.  I napped after the gym, I napped before the gym, I napped after lunch and before dinner.  I have not napped in a box and I have not napped with a fox but I’ve pretty much spent the lions’ share of the weekend either sleeping or waking-up or preparing to sleep again.  

This is what I’ve been reduced to.  And I’m trying to adhere to my promise to not go out and buy a shit-ton of film and start shooting like a mad man because this is supposed to be my year off from photography so I can contemplate what the hell I’m going to do next with it… at least as far as my film photography is concerned.  Who knows I’m might pick up a digital camera again and take it to LACMA or the Hammer for some of the new shows that are opening this week.  We’ll see.  Ugh… color. 

Regardless I’ve had a few shots that I’ve been thinking to post that I just haven’t gotten around to posting because I’ve been sleeping so god damn much and as anyone knows who’s ever tried to write on a blog or post on IG it’s a rather complex task to accomplish while unconscious.  You’ll notice I wrote “complex” as opposed to “impossible” because I’m damn near positive that you, dear provaeur of film based photographic arts, know someone–perhaps a girlfriend or boyfriend or friend friend–that can somehow manage to post on social media even while blackout drunk or even unconscious.  We all know someone.  You may be that someone.  

Well I am not.  I post strictly in-between naps and rarely while drinking.  Which brings us to the post at hand.  Sure it’s supposed to be a 12 foot tall ballon-primate, but for fuck’s sake,  Koons’ Monkey sure does look like a penis.  The people experience the piece seemed to think so as well.

Shot on my LeicaM7 with the 35mm Cron on Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed +2 at the Icon.      

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