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  1. Timothy

    01 Feb 2018

    “Timothy” K-Town 2017 There are few people that I call good friends.   I think a lot of of it has to do with the fact that I’ve never really been good at being a friend to another male adult.  I have a hard time connecting with my gender on…

  2. Low

    09 Jan 2018

    “Low” Venice Beach 2017 One of the best parts about living where I live is that I’m only a stones throw from the Venice Beach boardwalk.  Venice is seething with images just begging to be made and time after time when I head down there, close to sunset with a…

  3. Call Eli

    30 Dec 2017

    “Call Eli” Los Angeles 2017 This store was someone’s dream… I’m going to say that it was Eli’s store and ergo Eli’s dream of how he was going to make it big in the world.  He had a dream of how he was going to leave his mark on Los Angeles…

  4. The Reader

    29 Dec 2017

    “The Reader” Manhattan Beach 2017 The facet of film photography that hooked me was the aspect of full commitment.  By full commitment I’m referring to all aspects of photography that a digital shooter will waste time checking or changing or adjusting rather than shooting and trusting their instincts.  When I load a roll, I’m committing to black and…

  5. At a loss

    28 Dec 2017

    “At a loss” Los Angeles 2017 I’m at a loss.   I don’t remember making this image.  And while I don’t recall making this image, I am 100% certain that I was the one who made it.  That may sound ridiculous but when you are married to a photographer and have a…

  6. Hail to the Chief

    22 Dec 2017

    “Hail to the Chief” Venice 2017 I’ve been sick and upset and not in the mood to post here or on Insta.  I haven’t even really been in the mood to be a citizen of the United States or even a human of earth lately.  I have a sinus infection and inflamed lungs due…

  7. At the end of the day

    20 Nov 2017

    “At the end of the day 1” ‘At the end of the day 2” “At the end of the day 3” Nothing today will be related to photography really.  You’ve been warned.   I haven’t processed any film this month so far.  In fact I haven’t shot very much this month…

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