Not like the others

I was walking through the sculpture garden right outside NOMA when I turned a corner and came across this installation.  At first it didn’t dawn on me that the life-like statue in-living-color was actually a real human being.  He was being so still that when he finally did move, I was more than just a little surprised.  His head just dipped slightly and man I almost dropped my damn camera.  I got in closer, even more curious now, framed up and shot.  He gently turned his head to face me and asked, 

“Did you get it?”

I smiled and nodded my head in the affirmative, to which he replied,


and his head slid back to it’s initial position and he returned to his semi-petrified state.  

“Not like the others” shot on a LeicaM7 at 35mm on Kodak Tri-X, pushed to 1600 at the Icon.   

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