Shower time

I made this picture this past summer while we spent the majority of our time driving up and down the coast visiting as many of the beach cities as we could.  I’ll confess that while we live in Santa Monica and we go north up to Malibu quite often, we almost never tended to go south.  There’s all this traffic, it’s always pretty crowded and honestly Tower 26 here in town is pretty damn incredible beach-wise.  So this summer we decided to get out there and see a bit more of the surrounding areas on the south-side of town.  

So yes, there was a ton of traffic and yes the beaches were pretty much crowded as all hell but it was fun.  It was great exploring and shooting other locations.  Cool trying out different local food-spots, especially ice cream joints for the kids.  We got a chance to see the American-open for Surfing one weekend.  Other weekends it was frozen bananas, or small beach towns pretty much hidden from all view.  

I made this picture at Huntington Beach if I remember right.  There was this family that was just about to leave and we were waiting for one of our kids to change out of their bathing suit so we could head home.  I really liked how low I was compared to where they were standing–we were waiting in line for the bathrooms which are a flight of steps down from the sand and showers.  They were simple silhouettes and almost graphical.  I underexposed a stop and clicked.  

Leica M7 with the 35mm cron on Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed a stop.   

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