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  1. Thought the looking glass

    28 Mar 2020

    Through the looking glass, Palm Springs 2018 After the first week of quarantine there’s an interesting emotional dichotomy at play.  But this is about more than Covid 19 and quarantine so let me back time up a few weeks, to a morning I woke-up, completely disoriented, crying my eyes out.…

  2. Timothy

    01 Feb 2018

    “Timothy” K-Town 2017 There are few people that I call good friends.   I think a lot of of it has to do with the fact that I’ve never really been good at being a friend to another male adult.  I have a hard time connecting with my gender on a…

  3. Worthy

    21 Jan 2018

    “Film Worthy” Hollywood 2017 I’ve had to make a few changes in my life for 2018.   We’ve always had a comfortable lifestyle, the Noellert family.  We’re not wealthy or even rich or affluent, but we’re not middle class.  Ester says were “bougie” from time to time which makes my face…

  4. Head shrinking

    24 Oct 2017

    “Head shrinking” I’ve been trying to see things differently.  I’m trying to really look at what’s happening around me and to not see what I’m expecting to see.  I feel like I’m missing things, important things that are worthy of finding and exploring are happening and it’s not for want…

  5. This is my girl

    21 Oct 2017

    “This is my girl” No need for a long diatribe tonight.  This is my girl, Anna Maria.  I made this picture a couple weeks ago when we went to the beach right around sunset.  She was running around like she’s want to do, taking pictures of all things beach.  For…

  6. Crash

    19 Oct 2017

    “Crash” I made this image one Sunday at the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market.  We had stopped at the library to get a couple books for Ester and then walked over, thinking to score some seasonal produce–in particular peaches and nectarines which are just crazy good this time of year.  The…

  7. Hairway to Steven

    13 Oct 2017

    “Hairway to Steven” I made a couple of these images while we were in San Fransisco at SFMOMA.  The staircase itself, with the light beam that cuts through the staircase is divine.  For the others I camped out and waited for the right person to walk down or up and…

  8. Sleepers | is narcolepsy a disability

    07 Oct 2017

    “Sleepers | is narcolepsy a disability “ While riding the train with Elliot I noticed this guy sitting in front of us—his head leaning against the handicap preferred seating sigh on the wall.  I thought to myself that he looked interesting enough to photograph and I liked the juxtaposition of…

  9. Sleepers | Powernap

    06 Oct 2017

    While we were in Vegas in July for a short two-day vacation, we stayed at the Bellagio.  I booked everything through Am-Ex travel so the I could get the standard set of upgrades through my particular card.  We drove there from LA with the puppies who we were boarding near…

  10. Shower time

    02 Oct 2017

    “Shower time” I made this picture this past summer while we spent the majority of our time driving up and down the coast visiting as many of the beach cities as we could.  I’ll confess that while we live in Santa Monica and we go north up to Malibu quite…

  11. Hello world

    28 Sep 2017

    “Shadows” So, I’m thinking that I’m going to start doing this blog thing. Not that the world needs another blog or that I feel that I have something to really offer in written form but more because I think life needs a scratchpad sometimes. A place to flush things out.…

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